We are confident with high quality of our programs and will be happy to put you in contact with families whose children attending MCDCLC. Here are some testimonials.

“We are so lucky to find MCDCLC for our daughter,Maddy. Your teachers are exceptional. They give such a wonderful care to the kids. We have peaceful mind when she is under care in your center. Thanks.”

―Maggie & Mike (Parents of a Toddler)


"Thank you so much for all you’ve done teaching Lile these past few years. She has really enjoyed it and we so appreciate the warm and loving attention you have given her. Thank you!"

―Shanna & Steve (Parents of a Preschooler)


"A sincere thank you for all of the excellent care your staff have given Huamei. It is truly amazing how much she has learned and how much Chinese she can speak. We have loved everything about MCDCLC. Thank you so much!"

―Karin (Mother of a Preschooler)


"Thank you so much for everything over the years! We can never thank you enough for the gift of learning language you have given our kids. Thank you a lot!"

―Bobbi & Tom (Parents of Preschoolers)


"We have been so delighted with Kai’s care at MN Chinese Daycare & learning Center and are so proud to see her many skills develop – Chinese, math, painting and dance. She is very well prepared for kindergarten. We could not be more grateful … You are truly amazing. Thank you."

―Kristina & Brian (Parents of a Preschooler)


"Thank you very much for helping me learn. I have been with you since I was 17 months old. Now I know Chinese. I learned so much, math, arts, songs, dance and more. You have prepared me very well for kindergarden."

―Jia Xin (Preschool Graduate)